From our good friends & partners in invigorating the North Oregon Coast food system, Nehalem River Ranch:


Our beef is sweet and mild flavored, never gamey.  The fat content on our beef is good with moderate marbling in the steaks.  Calves born in warmer weather allow them a good head start while moms recover quickly on high-quality forages that support hungry nursing babies. The temperate climate and high rainfall on the Oregon coast mean our cattle have access to lush, green year-round pasture unlike grass-fed beef grown in drier climates.

We breed our herd to calve around May when the grass is most nutritious and growing fast. Meaning calves get a good head start being introduced to high-quality grass and mamas have all the nutrition they need to recover from calving and support hungry nursing babies. 

By careful management, working in tune with the seasons, and feeding our cattle all they can eat of the best grass, we produce an excellent product.

We partner with Animal Welfare Approved butchers who age beef the natural, old-fashioned way, by dry curing for a minimum of 14 days.

Original Beef Jerky, Nehalem River Ranch

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