A wonderful description from our favorite seed source, Uprising Seeds:


"(C. maxima) The perfect squash for a pot of simmering savory soup (say that 3 times!) on a chilly evening, Potimarron is laced with a touch of chestnut flavor and a delicate, creamy, but flakey texture. A famous French heirloom meaning “Pumpkin” (potiron) and “Chestnut” (marron) we first grew these years ago on the recommendation of a customer who declared it her favorite winter squash. We do have a soft spot for maximas with their flakey textures, rich flavors, and versatility from simply baked to gnocchi to risotto to gratin to sweet bread… Teardrop-shaped with a stunning deep red-orange color similar to Red Kuri (in fact it's told that the seed was a gift from Japan in the 70s) but, we've found, with a greater depth of flavor. Perfect small squash for one to two people. Superb flavor! Excellent for storage."

Potimarron Winter Squash, Salmonberry Farm

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